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Author Publisher Title Year
Abbey, Merrill R. Abingdon Encounter with Christ 1961
Abbott, Edwin A & C Black Johannine Grammar 1906, 1908
Abbot, Edwin A & C Black Johannine Vocabulary: A Comparison of the Words of the Fourth Gospel with Those of the Other Three 1968
Abbot, Ezra G. H. Ellis The Authorship of the Fourth Gospel: External Evidences 1880
Abbot, Ezra Hodder and Stoughton The Fourth Gospel, Evidences External and Internal of its Johannean Authorship 1892
Abegg, Flint and Ulrich, Translated by HarperCollins The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible 1999
Aland, Kurt, Edited by: United Bible Societies Synopsis of the Four Gospels (English Edition) 1985
Alford, Henry Rivingtons The Greek Testament: John, Volume 1 (pgs. 50-73, 677-924) 1871
Allen, Clifton J., General Editor Broadman Press The Broadman Bible Commentary: Luke-John 1970
Allen, Earl R. Baker Book House The Great "I Ams" of Jesus 1989
Allison, Dale C. Jr. Fortress Press The End of the Ages Has Come 1985
Anderson, Bernard W. Herder and Herder The Old Testament and Christian Faith 1969
Anderson, Paul N. Pendle Hill Press Navigating the Living Waters of the Gospel of John -- On Wading with Children and Swimming with Elephants 2000
Anderson, Paul N. J.C.B. Mohr The Christology of the Fourth Gospel: Its Unity and Disunity in the Light of John 6 1996
Anderson, William R. & Diesslin, Richard L. ACTA Publications The Cartoon Gospel of John: A Serious Commentary with Visual Parables 2004
Appasamy, A. J. MacMillan Christianity as Bhakti Marga: A Study in the Mysticism of the Johannine Writings 1927
Appasamy, A. J. Christian Literature Society for India Christianity as Bhakti Marga: A Study of the Johannine Doctrine of Love 1991
Appasamy, A. J. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge The Johannine Doctrine of Life: A Study of Christian and Indian Thought 1934
Appleton, George Association Press John's Witness to Jesus 1955
Appold, Mark L. Mohr The Oneness Motif in the Fourth Gospel 1976
Armstrong, Donald Eerdmans Who Do You Say That I Am ? 1999
Ashton, John Fortress Press The Interpretation of John 1986
Ashton, John Clarendon Press Studying John 1994
Ashton, John Oxford Universty Press Understanding the Fourth Gospel 1991
Asiedu-Peprah, Martin Mohr/siebeck Johannine Sabbath Conflicts as Juridical Controversy: An Exegetical Study of John 5 and 9:1-10:21 2001
Askwith, Edward Harrison Hodder and Stoughton The Historical Value of the Fourth Gospel 1910
Armstrong, Donald: Editor Eerdmans Publishing Who Do You Say That I Am: Christology & the Church 1999
Augustine, Saint Catholic University of America Press Tractates on the Gospel of John 1988
Aus, Roger Scholars Press Water Into Wine and the Beheading of John the Baptist 1988
Aus, Roger Scholars Press Caught in the Act: Walking on the Sea and the Realease of Barabbas 1998
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Author Publisher Title Year
Bacon, B. W. New York The Fourth Gospel in Research and Debate 1910
Bacon, Benjamin W. and Carl H. Kraeling Holt and Co. The Gospel of the Hellenists 1933
Bahat, Dan Carta The Atlas of Biblical Jerusalem 1994
Baigent, Michael and Richard Leigh Summit Books The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception 1991
Bailey, John Amedee E. J. Brill The Traditions Common to the Gospels of Luke and John 1963
Baillie, D. M. N/A God Was In Christ: An Essay on Incarnation and Atonement 1958
Ball, David M. Sheffield Academic Press 'I Am' in John's Gospel: Literary Function, Background and Theological Implications 1996
Ballentine, W. G. Crowell Publishers Discovering Jesus 1927
Baltz, Frederick Mellen Biblical Press Lazarus and the Fourth Gospel Community Mar 1996
Banerjee, Brojendra Nath. Christian Institute for the Study of Religion and Society Jesus My Teacher 2000
Banis, Robert (Edited by) Banis & Associates The Gospel According to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John 1998
Bansemer, Richard F. CSS Publishers Praying on the Journey with Christ: A Commitment to Encounter Christ Through the Gospel of John 1997
Barclay, William The Westminister Press The Gospel of John (Volume 1 and 2) 1975
Barker, Margaret T & T Clark On Earth As It Is in Heaven 1995
Barker, Margaret T & T Clark The Great High Priest: The Temple Roots of Christian Liturgy 2003
Barnes, Leon Resource Publishing A Drink from the Living Water, John Four 1992
Barnhart, Bruno Paulist Press The Good Wine: Reading John from the Center 1993
Barrett, C. K. T & T Clark Jesus and the Word 1995
Barrett, C. K. The Westminister Press The Gospel According to St. John 1955
Barrett, C. K. Fortress Press The Gospel of John and Judaism 1970
Barrett, C.K. The Westminister Press Essays On John 1982
Barrett, C. K. Harper and Row The New Testament Background: Selected Documents 1956
Barrett, C. K. Athlone The Prologue of St. John's Gospel 1971
Barth, Karl The Word Of God and the Word Of Man 1957
Barth, Karl Eerdmans Witness to the Word: A Commentary on John I 1986
Barth, Markus and Fletcher, Verne H. Holt, Rinehart and Winston Acquittal by Resurrection 1964
Batey, Richard A. Baker Jesus and the Forgotten City: New Light on Sepphoris and the Urban World of Jesus 1991
Bauckham, Richard Eerdmans God Crucified: Monotheism & Christology in the New Testament 1998
Bavinck, H. (Translated by William Hendriksen) Eerdman Grand Rapids The Doctrine of God 1951
Baxter, J. S. Kregel For God So Loved: An Exposition of John 3:16 1995
Bayer, Oswald Eerdmans Publishing Living by Faith: Justification and Sanctification 2003
Beasley-Murray, G. R. Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. Gospel Of Life: Theology in the Fourth Gospel 1991
Beasley-Murray, G. R. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Jesus and the Kingdom Of God 1986
Beasley-Murray, George R. Word, Inc. John 1989
Beattie, D.R.G. and McNamara, M. J. JSOT Press The Aramaic Bible: Targums in their Historical Context 1994
Beck, David R. E. J. Brill The Discipleship Paradigm: Readers and Anonymous Characters in the Fourth Gospel 1997
Becker, Jurgen: Edited by Westminster/John Knox Press Christian Beginnings: Word and Community from Jesus to Post-Apostolic Times 1989
Beirne, Margaret M. Sheffield Academic Press Women and Men in the Fourth Gospel 2003
Bellinzoni, Arthur J. Jr. Mercer Press The Two-Source Hypothesis: A Critical Appraisal 1985
Bennema, C.. Mohr Siebeck The Power of Saving Wisdom: An Investigation of Spirit and Wisdom in Relation to the Soteriology of the Fourth Gospel 2002
Berger, Klaus Westminster John Knox Press Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls: The Truth under Lock and Key 1995
Berkeley, James P. Judson Press Reading the Gospel of John 1958
Bernard, J. H. Scribnew's The Gospel According to John (2 volumes) 1929
Bertels, Thomas M. P. Lang 'His Witness is True': John and His Interpreters 1989
Beutler, Johannes and R. T. Fortna, Editors Cambridge University The Shepherd Discourse of John 10 and Its Context 1991
Bieringer, Reimund, Pollefeyt, Didier, and Vandecasteele-Vanneuville, Frederique (Editors) John Knox Press Anti-Judaism and the Fourth Gospel 2001
Bisek, A. S. Chicago The Trial of Jesus Christ 1925
Bittleston, Kalmia Anthroposophic Press The Gospel of John 1990
Black, David Alan Kregel Publications Why Four Gospels: The Historical Origins of the Gospels 2001
Black, M. Oxford An Aramaic Approach to the Gospels and Acts 1967
Blair, Edward P. Abingdon Press A Study of the Book of Acts 1946
Blanc, Josef Crossword The Gospel according to St. John Volume 2 1981
Blasi, Anthony J. Mellen A Sociology of Johannine Christianity 1996
Bligh, John St. Paul Publications The Sign of the Cross: The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus According to John 1975
Blomberg, Craig L. Intervarsity Press The Historical Reliability of John's Gospel: Issues & Commentary 2001
Blomberg, Craig Inter-Varsity Press The Historical Reliability of the Gospels 1987
Boadt, Lawrence St. Martin's Griffin The Hebrew Prophets: Visionaries of the Ancient World

Bock, Darrell L. Baker Academic Jesus According to Scripture: Restoring the Portrait from the Gospels 2002
Boers, Hendrikus Society of Biblical Literature Neither on This Mountain Nor In Jerusalem - A Study of John 4 1988
Boice, James Montgomery Moody Press The Christ Of the Empty Tomb 1985
Boice, James Montgomery Zondervan Publishing The Gospel Of John 1985
Boice, James Montgomery Zondervan Witness and Revelation in the Gospel of John 1970
Boismard, M. E. St. John's Prologue 1957
Boismard, Marie-Emile Fortress Press Moses Or Jesus: An Essay in Johannine Christology 1993
Bonar, Horatius Zondervan Studies in the Gospel of John 1972
Bond, Helen K. Westminster John Knox Press Caiaphas: Friend of Rome and Judge of Jesus? 2004
Bonsirven, J. ET New York Palestinian Judaism in the Time of Christ 1964
Booker, Richard Bridge Publishing Inc. Jesus In the Feasts Of Israel 1987
Booth, Steve Peter Lang Selected Peak Marking Features in the Gospel of John 1996
Borchert, Gerald L. Broadman & Holman The New American Commentary: Volume 25A: John 1-11 2002
Borchert, Gerald L. Broadman & Holman The New American Commentary: Volume 25B: John 12-21 2002
Borg, Marcus J. Harper Collins Jesus: A New Vision 1987
Borg, Marcus J. and N. T. Wright Harper Collins The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions 2000
Borgen, P. Leiden Bread from Heaven: an exegetical study of the Concept of Manna in the Gospel of John and the Writings of Philo 1965
Borgen, P. Tapir Logos Was the True Light, and Other Essays on the Gospel of John 1983
Borgen, Peder Scholars Press Philo, John and Paul: New Perspectives on Judaism and Early Christianity 1987
Borgen, Peder, Editor Hendricksons Publishers The New Testament and Hellenistic Judaism 1997
Botha, J. Eugene E. J. Brill Jesus and the Samaritan Woman: A Speech Reading of John 4:1-42 1991
Bowker, J. W. Cambridge Jesus and the Pharisees 1973
Bowker, J. W. Cambridge The Targums and Rabbinic Literature: An Introduction to Jewish Interpretations of Scripture 1969
Bowman, John Pickwick The Fourth Gospel and the Jews: A Study in R. Akiba, Esther, and the Gospel of John 1975
Breck, John St. Vladimir's Seminary Press Spirit of Truth: The Origins of Johannine Pneumatology 1991
Brodie, Thomas. L Oxford University Press The Quest For the Origin Of John's Gospel: A Source-Oriented Approach 1993
Brooke, George J. Fortress Press The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament 2005
Brouwer, Wayne Society of Biblical Literature The Literary Development of John 13-17: A Chiastic Reading 2000
Brown, David Eerdman's A Commentary Critical, Experimental and Practical: John Vol. V (pg. 346-486) 1945
Brown, Raymond E. Liturgical Press A Crucified Christ in Holy Week 1986
Brown, Raymond E. An Introduction to New Testament Christology Paulist Press 1994
Brown, Raymond E. (Edited by Francis J. Moloney) Doubleday An Introduction to the Gospel of John 2003
Brown, Raymond E. Paulist Press New Testament Essays 1965
Brown, Raymond E. Michael Glazier Recent Discoveries and the Biblical World 1983
Brown, Raymond E. Paulist Press The Community of the Beloved Gospel 1979
Brown, Raymond E. Doubleday The Death of the Messiah - Volume 1 1994
Brown, Raymond E. Doubleday The Death of the Messiah - Volume 2 1994
Brown, Raymond E. DoubleDay and Company The Gospel According to John I-XII 1970
Brown, Raymond E. DoubleDay and Company The Gospel According To John XIII-XXI 1970
Brown, Raymond E. Anchor Bible The Gospel According To John 1 - 2 1966
Brown, Raymond E. Paulist Press The Virginal Conception & Bodily Resurrection of Jesus 1973
Brownlee, William Hugh Oxford University Press The Meaning of the Qumran Scrolls for the Bible with Special Attention to the Book of Isaiah 1964
Bruce, F. F. Doubleday Publishing New Testament History 1969
Bruce, F. F. William B. Eerdmans Publishing The Epistles Of John 1970
Bruce, F. F. William B. Eerdmans Publishing Peter, Stephen, James and John 1979
Bruce, F. F. William B. Eerdmans Publishing The Gospel OF John 1983
Bruce, F. F. Inter-Varsity Press Hard Saying Of Jesus 1983
Bultmann, Rudolf Charles Schribner's Sons Jesus Christ and Mythology 1958
Bultmann, Rudolf The Westminister Press The Gospel Of John: A Commentary 1971
Bultmann, Rudolf Charles Scribner's Sons Theology Of The New Testiment 1955
Bultmann, Rudolf Thamaes and Hudson Primitive Christianity In Its Contempory Setting 1956
Burge, Gary M. William B. Eerdmans Publishing The Anointed Community: The Holy Spirit In the Johannine Tradition 1987
Burkett, Delbert Cambridge An Introduction to the New Testament and the Origins of Christianity 2002
Burkett, Delbert William B. Eerdmans Publishing The Anointed Community: The Holy Spirit In the Johannine Tradition 1987
Burkitt, F. Crawford Gorgias Press Early Christianity Outside the Roman Empire 2002
Burney, C. F. Oxford The Aramaic Origin of the Fourth Gospel 1922
Burridge, Richard A. Eerdmans Publishing Four Gospels, One Jesus? 1994
Bury, Robert Gregg W. Heffer & Sons Limited The Fourth Gospel and the Logos Doctrine 1940
Bussche, H. Van Den The Priory Press The Gospel of the Word 1967
Butler, Thomas W. Quantum Leap Publisher Let Her Keep It: Jesus' Ordination of Mary of Bethany - A New Approach to the Study of the Gospel of John Through Its Use of Mosaic Oracles 1998
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Author Publisher Title Year
Cadman, William H. Blackwell The Open Heaven 1969
Callahan, Allen Dwight Fortress Press A Love Supreme: A History of the Johannine Tradition 2005
Calvin, John Eerdmans Commentary on the Gospel to John 2 volumes 1949
Card, Michael Thomas Nelson The Parable of Joy: Reflections on the Wisdom of the Book of John 1995
Carmichael, Calum M. Cornell University Press The Story of Creation: Its Origin and Its Interpretation in Philo and the Fourth Gospel 1996
Carpenter, J. Estlin Constable The Johannine Writings 1927
Carmichael, Calum M. Cornell University Press The Story of Creation: Its Origin and Its Interpretation in Philo and the Fourth Gospel 1996
Carson, D. A. John Knox Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility 1981
Carson, D. A. William B. Eerdmans Publishing The Gospel According to John 1991
Casey, Maurice Westminster John Knox Press From Jewish Prophet to Gentile God 1991
Cassels, Walter Richard D. M. Bennett Supernatural Religion: An Inquiry Into the Reality of Divine Revelation 1879
Cassidy, Richard J. Orbis Books John's Gospel In A New Perspective 1992
Casurella, Anthony Mohr The Johannine Paraclete in the Church Fathers: A Study in the History of Exegesis 1983
Cerfaux, Lucien Darton, Longman & Todd Ltd. An Historical Introduction: The Four Gospels 1960
Chance, J. Bradley Mercer University Press Jerusalem, the Temple, and the New Age in Luke-Acts 1988
Chapman, John Clarendon John the Presbyter and the Fourth Gospel 1911
Charlesworth, James H. Doubleday Press Jesus Within Judaism 1988
Charlesworth, James H. Geoffrey Chapman John and Qumran 1972
Charlesworth, James H. Crossroad Publishing John and the Dead Sea Scrolls 1990
Charlesworth, James H. Sheffield Academic Press Qumran Questions 1995
Charlesworth, James H. Trinity The Beloved Disciple: Whose Witness Validates the Gospel 1995
Charwood, Lord Little, Brown and Company According To St. John 1925
Chatelion Counet, Patrick Brill John, a Postmodern Gospel: Introduction to Deconstructive Exegesis Applied to the Fourth Gospel 2000
Chilton, Bruce and Jacob Neusner Routledge Judaism in the New Testament: Practices and Beliefs 1995
Chilton, Bruce Image Books Doubleday Rabbi Jesus: An Intimate Biography 2002
Chilton, Bruce Doubleday Rabbi Paul: An Intellectual Biography 2004
Chilton, Bruce D. Sheffield The Glory of Israel: The Theology and Provenience of the Isaiah Targum 1983
Chilton, Bruce The Pennsylvania Press The Temple of Jesus 1992
Chilton Bruce and Neusner, Jacob Westminster John Knox Press The Brother of Jesus: James the Just and His Mission 2001
Chisholm, Robert B. Jr. Baker Academic Handbook on the Prophets 2002
Chrysostom, John Eerdmans The Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers: Homilies on the Gospel of John Vol. XIV 1956
Clark, Gordon H. The Trinity Foundation The Johannine Logos 1972
Clark, Gordon H. The Trinity Foundation The Incarnation 1988
Clark, K. S. L Darton, Longman and Todd Limited The Gospel According to John 1978
Clines, David J. J. O. S. T. Sheffield I, He, We & They: A Literary Approach to Isaiah 53 1976
Coates, Thomas Concordia Gospel of John for Today 1968
Collins, John J. Doubleday The Scepter and the Star 1995
Collins, Raymond F. The Liturgical Press John and His Witness
Collins, Raymond F. William B. Eerdmans Publishing These Things Have Been Written: Studies On The Fourth Gospel 1990
Coloe, Mary L. Liturgical Press God Dwells With Us. Temple Symbolism in the Fourth Gospel 2001
Colwell, Ernest Cadman Willett, Clark and Co. John Defends the Gospel 1936
Colwell, Ernest Cadman University of Chicago Press The Greek of the Fourth Gospel: A Study of its Aramaisms in the Light of Hellenistic Greek 1931
Colwell, E. C. and Titus, E. L. New York The Gospel of the Spirit: A Study in the Fourth Gospel 1953
Comblin, Jose Orbis Sent From the Father: Meditations on the Fourth Gospel 1979
Comfort, Philip W. Wipf and Stock Publishers I Am the Way: A Spiritual Journey Through the Gospel of John 1994
Connelly, Douglas InterVarsity Press The Way to True Life 1990
Connick, C. Milo Prentice Hall, Inc Jesus: The Man, The Mission, The Message 1974
Conway, Colleen M. Society of Biblical Literature Men and Women in the Fourth Gospel: Gender and Johannine Characterization 1999
Conzelmann, H. & Lindemann A. Hendrickson Publishers Interpreting the New Testiment 1988
Conzelmann, Hans Fortress Press Jesus 1973
Conzelmann, Hans Harper and Row, Publishers An Outline Of the Theology Of the New Testiment 1969
Cooke, Greville New Horizon Who Wrote the Fourth Gospel?: A Short Summary of the Evidence
Copan, Paul Baker Books Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up? A Debate between William Lane Craig and John Dominic Crossan 1998
Cope, Lamar Abingdon Genesis to Revelation: John 1997
Corell, Alf Spck Consumation Est: Eschatology and Church In the Gospel of John 1958
Countryman, L. William Trinity Press International The Mystical Way In the Fourth Gospel 1994
Court, John Sheffield Academic Press The Book of Revelation and the Johannine Apocalyptic Tradition 2000
Cousar, Charles B. Fortress Press A Theology Of the Cross: the Death Of Jseus In The Pauline Letters 1990
Cranny, Titus Graymoor John 17: As We Are One 1965
Crehan, Joseph Sheed and Ward The Theology of St. John 1965
Crenshaw, James L. Westminster Press Old Testament Wisdom: An Introduction 1998
Cribbs, F. Lamar Society Of Biblical Literature A Study Of the Contacts that Exist Between St. Luke and St. John 1973
Cross, F. L. A. R. Mowbray Studies In the Fourth Gospel 1957
Crossan, John Dominic Castle Books The Essential Jesus: Original Sayings and Earliest Images 1994
Cullman, Oscar The Westminister Press The Christology Of The New Testiment 1959
Cullman, Oscar The Westminister Press The Johannine Circle 1975
Culpepper, R. Alan Fortress Press Anatomy Of the Fourth Gospel 1983
Culpepper, R. Alan and C. Clifton Black Westminster/John Knox Press Exploring the Gospel of John: In Honor of D. Moody Smith 1996
Culpepper, R. Alan T & T Clark Edition John, The Son of Zebedee: The Life of a Legend 2000
Culpepper, R. Alan Abingdon Press The Gospel and Letters of John 1998
Culpepper, R. Alan Scholars Press For the SBL Series The Johannine School 1975
Cundiff, Margaret Oxford The Cost of Living: A Personal Journey in John's Gospel Chapters 11-21 2000
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Author Publisher Title Year
Dalman, G. D. (Translated by P. P. Levertoff) New York Jesus-Jeshua, Studies in the Gospels 1929
Daly-Denton, Margaret Brill David in the Fourth Gospel: the Johannine Reception of the Psalms 2000
Dana, H. E. The Kansas City Seminary Press The Ephesian Tradition: An Oral Source of the Fourth Gospel 1940
Darby, J. N. Morrish Notes on the Gospel of John
Dart, John Harper & Row The Jesus of Heresy and History 1988
Davis, Carl Judson Sheffield Academic Press The Name and Way of the Lord 1996
De Boer, Esther Trinity Press Mary Magdalene: Beyond the Myth 1996
DeConick, April D. Sheffield Academic Press Voices of the Mystics: Early Christian Discourse in the Gospels of John and Thomas and Other Ancient Christian Literature 2001
De Haan, M. R. Kregel Publications Pentecost and After: Studies in the Book of Acts 1996
Deffinbaugh, Robert L. Biblical Studies Press That You Might Believe: A Study of the Gospel of John 1998-2002
den Heyer, C. J. Trinity Press Jesus Matters: 150 years of Research 1996
Denaux, Adelbert Leuven University Press John and the Synoptics 1992
Detzler, Wayne A. SP Publication, Inc. New Testiment words In Today's Language 1986
Dewitt, Roy Lee Baker Book House Teaching From the Tabernacle 1986
Debelius, Martin Attic Press From Tradition To Gospel 1971
Dodd, C. H. Cambridge The Interpretation Of the Fourth Gospel 1965
Dodd, C. H. Cambridge Historical Tradition In the Fourth Gospel 1965
Dods, Marcus Thomas Whittaker An Introduction To the New Testiment 1902
Dods, Marcus William B. Eerdmans Publishing The Expositor's Greek Testament: John Volume 1 (pg 655-872) 1907
Dods, Marcus William B. Eerdmans Publishing The Expositor's Greek Testiment: Vol II The Gospel Of John 1983
Doig, Kenneth F. EMText New Testament Chronology 1992
Donfried, Karl P. and I. Howard Marshall Cambridge The Theology of the Shorter Pauline Letters 1993
Drane, John St. Martin's Press The Gospel of St. John: The Story of the Son of God 1999
Drummond, James Williams & Norgate An Inquiry Into the Character and Authorship of the Fourth Gospel 1903
Dubose, W. P. New York The Gospel in the Gospels 1907
Duke, Paul D. John Knox Press Irony In the Fourth Gospel 1985
Dumm, Demetrius The Liturgical Press A Mystical Portrait of Jesus: New Perspectives on John's Gospel 2001
Dunn, James D. G. Baker Academic A New Perspective on Jesus: What the Quest for the Historical Jesus Missed 2005
Dunn, James D. G. Eerdmans Publishing Jesus and the Spirit: A Study of the Relisious ....... 1975
Dunn, James D. G. Eerdmans (Edited by: Peter Stuhlmacher) "Let John be John" in The Gospel and the Gospels 1991
Dunn, James D. G. Westminster Press The Evidence for Jesus 1985
Dunn, James D. G. Fortress Press The Living Word 1987
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Author Publisher Title Year
Edersheim, Alfred William B. Eerdmans The Life and Times Of JesusThe Messiah 1971
Edersheim, Alfred Henrickson The Temple: Its Ministry and Services 1994
Edwards, Hubert Edwin Clarke Publishers The Disciple Who Wrote These Things: A new inquiry into the origins and historical value of the Gospel according to St. John 1953
Edwards, Rowland Eyre & Spottiswoode The Gospel According to St. John 1954
Eerdman, Charles R. Westminster The Gospel of John 1916
Eerdman, Charles R. Baker Book House The General Epistles (James; I&II Peter;I,II&III John; Jude) 1986
Ehrman, Bart D. Society of Biblical Literature Didymus the Blind and the Test of the Gospels 1986
Ehrman, Bart D. Oxford University Press Lost Christianities: The Battle for Scripture and the Faiths We Never Knew 2003
Ehrman, Bart D. Oxford University Press The New Testament: A Historical Introduction to the Early Christian Writings 2000
Ehrman, Bart D. Oxford University Press The New Testament and Other Early Christian Writings--A Reader-- 1998
Ehrman, Bart D. Oxford University Press The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture 1997
Ehrman, Bart, Fee, Gordon and Holmes Michael Scholars Press The Text of the Fourth Gospel in the Writings of Origin 1992
Eisenman, Robert Watkins Publishing James the Brother of Jesus: The Key to Unlocking the Secrets of Early Christianity and the DEAD SEA SCROLLS 2002
Eisenman, Robert & Michael Wise Penguin Books The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered: The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of 50 Key Documents Withheld for Over 35 Years 1993
Eisler, R. London The Enigma of the Fourth Gospel 1937
Eller, Vernard William B. Eerdmans Publishing The Beloved Deciple: His Name -- His Story -- His Thought 1987
Ellis, Earle Edrdmans Publishing The World of St. John: The Gospel and the Epistles 1984
Ellis, Peter. F The Litergical Press The Genius Of John: A Composition-Critical Commentary on the Fourth Gospel 1984
Elwell, Walter A. & Yarbrough, Robert W. Baker Academic Encountering the New Testament (Second Edition) 1998, 2005
Erdman, Charles R. Baker Book House The Gospel Of John 1983
Erdman, Charles R. Baker Book House The General Epistles (James; I & II Peter; I II & III John; Jude) 1966
Erickson, Millard J. Baker Book House The Word Became Flesh: A Contemporary Incarnational Christology 1991
Erigena, Johannes Scotus Lindisfame Books The Voice of the Eagle: John Scotus Eriugena's Homily on the Prologue of the Gospel of St. John 2000
Evans, Craig JSOT Press Word and Glory: On the Exegetical and Theological Background of John's Prologue 1993
Evans, W. Grand Rapids From the Upper Room to the Empty Tomb 1934
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Author Publisher Title Year
Farmer, William R. Fortress Press Jesus and the Gospel 1982
Fehrbach, Adeline The Liturgical Press The Women in the Life of the Bridegroom: A Feminist Historical-Literary Analysis of the Female Characters in the Fourth Gospel 1998
Fenton, John Mowbray Finding the Way Through John 1995
Ferguson, Everett Eerdmann's Publishing Backgrounds of Early Christianity 1987
Ferreira, John Sheffield Academic Press Johannine Ecclesiology 1998
Feuillet, Andre Alba House Johannine Studies 1964
Filson, F. V. London Saint John 1963
Ford, J. Massyngbaerde Fortress Press Redeemer-Friend and Mother: Salvation in Antiquity and in the Gospel of John 1997
Forestell, J. T. Society of Biblical Literature Targumic Traditions and the New Testament 1979
Forestell, J. T. Rome The Word of the Cross: Salvation as Revelation in the Fourth Gospel 1974
Fortna, Robert T. and Tom Thatcher, Editors Westminster/John Knox Press Jesus in Johannine Tradition 2001
Fortna, Robert T. & Gaventa Ambingdon Press The Conversation Continues: Studies In Paul and John 1990
Fortna, Robert Tomson Fortress Press The Fourth Gospel and It's Predecessor 1988
Fortna, Robert Tomson Cambridge The Gospel Of Signs 1970
Fox, Robin Lane The Unauthorized Version: Truth and Fiction In the Bible 1993
Fredriksen, Paula & Adele Reinhartz Westminster John Knox Press Jesus, Judaism & Christian Anti-Judaism: Reading the New Testament after the Holocoust 2002
Fredriksen, Paula Knopf Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews 1999
Freed, E. D. Leiden Old Testament Quotations in the Gospel of John 1965
Freed, Edwin D. Wadsworth The New Testament - A Critical Introduction 2001
Frieling, Rudolf St. Norbert Abbey Press AGAPE: Divine Love in the Fourth Gospel 1969
Funk, Robert & Jesus Seminar MacMillan Publishing The Five Gospels: What Did Jesus Really Say? 1993
Furnish, V. P. Nashville/New York The Love Command in the New Testament 1972
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Author Publisher Title Year
Gaebelein, Arno Clemens Our Hope Publications The Gospel of John 1936
Gaebelein, Frank E. General Editor Zondervan Publishing Expositor's Bible Commentary: The Gospel of John 1981
Gagne, Armand J. "Joe" Jr. Trafford Press The Testimony of the Fourth Evangelist to the Johannine Community: We Know His Witness Is True 2004
Gardner-Smith, P. Cambridge St. John and the Synoptic Gospels 1938
Gartner, Bertil C.W.K. Gleerup John 6 and the Jewish Passover 1959
Garvie, A. E. London The Beloved Disciple 1922
Geisler, Norman L. Thomas Nelson Publishers The Battle for the Resurrection: A Controvery is Stirring in the Church that will shake the foundation of Christianity 1989
George, Larry Darnell Peter Lang Reading the Tapestry: A Literary-Rhetorical Analysis of the Johannine Resurrection Narrative (John 20-21) 2000
Gerhardsson, Birger Fortress Press The Origins Of the Gospel Traditions 1979
Gerhardsson, Birger Hendrickson Publishers The Reliability of the Gospel Tradition 2001
Getty-Sullivan, Mary Ann The Liturgical Press Women in the New Testament 2001
Gilmore, George W. Presbyterian Publishing The Johannean Problem: A Resume For English Readers 1895
Glaser, Mitch and Zhava Moody Press The Fall Feasts Of Israel 1987
Glasson, T. SCM Press Moses in the Fourth Gospel 1963
Gloag, Paton J. T & T Clark The Life of St. John 1950
Glover, T. R. Association Press The Jesus of History 1917
Godet, Frederic Funk and Wagnalls Commentary on the Gospel of John 2 vols. 1886
Goehring, James E. & Others Polebridge Press Gospel Origins & Christian Beginnings 1990
Gordon, S. D. Revell Quiet Talks on John's Gospel
Grant, Michael MacMillan Publishing The Search For the Historical Jesus: An Historians Review Of the Gospels 1977
Grassi, Joseph Paulist Press The Secret Identity of the Beloved Disciple 1992
Grayston, Kenneth Trinity Press International The Gospel Of John 1990
Green, Joel B. & Mark D. Baker InterVarsity Press Recovering the Scandal of the Cross: Atonement in New Testament & Contemporary Contexts 2000
Green, Joel B., Scott McKnight, I. Howard Marshall; Editors InterVarsityPress Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels 1992
Green, Michael Thomas Nelson Who Is This Jesus ? 1992
Green, Vivian Sutton Publishing A New History of Christianity 1998
Green-Armytage, A. H. N. London John Who Saw 1952
Grelot, Pierre The Liturgical Press What Are the Targums: Selected Texts 1992
Griffith-Jones, Robin HarperCollins The Four Witnesses: the Rebel, the Rabbi, the Chronicler and the Mystic 2001
Grossfeld, Bernard Sepher-Hermon Press A Bibliography of Targum Literature Volume III 1990
Gruenler, Royce Gordon Baker Book House The Trinity in the Gospel of John: A Thematic Commentary on the Fourth Gospel 1986
Guilding, Aileen Oxford At the Clarendon Press The Fourth Gospel and Jewish Worship 1960
Gundry, Robert H. Eerdmans Publishing Jesus the Word According to John the Sectarian 2002
Gutzke, Manford George Zondervon Publishing Plain Talk On John 1968
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